Accurate and reliable real estate valuation and consulting services are critical to the success of every property investment strategy. CBRE’s unrivaled global footprint ensures that our industry-leading real estate professionals are working alongside your teams no matter where they are in the world.

In Greater China, our property valuers equip themselves with in-depth local market knowledge to provide accurate analyses and projections of property values and to enable local and international owners, investors, and occupiers to get the most out of their commercial real estate portfolios.


Unprecedented globalization and connectivity are reshaping the marketplace and transforming the way business is conducted. As a company and as professional valuers, we use the latest technology and software platforms to perform real estate valuations, leverage big data, manage risk, and deliver customized, high-quality results.

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Key Offerings

Property Assessment & Advisory

Office building, retail shops, and industrial spaces offer a range of strategic investment opportunities for investors.

Land Matters & Consulting

We provide strategic advice to clients to help them invest, plan, brand, execute, and profit from their real estate assets and investments.

Mortgage Valuation

CBRE Hong Kong provides more than 1,500 verbal indications each day to the region’s banks and financial institutions.

Corporate Valuation

Litigation support, land matters, and rating & tax are just a few of the many other professional services that we offer to our clients.

Property Types

Hotel & Casino Resort

Valuing hospitality assets often requires consideration of operational issues.

Data Center

Data centers are a key real estate asset in our technologically driven world.

Office & Co-working

The fast-changing economy is re-shaping the workplace, prompting landlords to adopt a new change.

Industrial & Self-storage

Limited space and urbanization in Asia create a need for vertical self-storage.

Senior Living

Senior living offers the ageing population a living and lifestyle solution, from public / private nursing homes to retirement / senior apartments.


From street shops to multi-tenanted retail properties, we provide planning and viability analyses.


The team has extensive experience and knowledge including mortgage valuation and private housing.
Additional Properties

Additional Properties

Including car parks, cargo logistics terminals, filing stations, tunnels, telecommunication networks, ports.

Our Advantage is in our sophisticated Software & Tools

<span style="font-weight: bold;"><span style="color: #00A657;">TOPS</span>   Property Valuation Calculator</span>

TOPS Property Valuation Calculator

Asia Pacific valuation management platform which delivers market data analysis for better real estate decision making.

Delivering Advantage

Our technology, data platforms, research, and risk management tools deliver real advantage for clients.
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