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June 1, 2020

Resources & Services from the Streetsense Eat & Drink and CBRE Restaurant Team


The length of the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and the severity of the decline remains unknown. Restaurant reopening will need to be done carefully, with possible dramatic changes to pre-pandemic approaches to capital management, sanitation, operations and marketing.

This guide addresses the following key areas, providing advice, recommendations and action plans for reopening restaurants:

Triage Strategies

Potential new revenue streams for operators and new experiences for guests


Messaging and Communication

How to message on-premise as well as opportunities to engage with online followers during and after the pandemic


Reopening the World's Retail Environments

Services designed to support retailers as they look to reopen, reconfigure and prosper during the COVID-19 pandemic



Data-driven insights into the pandemic's impact on Commercial Real Estate

Reopening the World's Workplaces

Guides, articles & more resources to help you reopen and reenter