• Technology affects every single aspect of human life; it is ubiquitous and influences us personally and professionally. Nowhere has the impact of the technological revolution been felt more than in the way companies conduct business and the way we work. However, the world is only at the cusp of the real impact of the digital age. Further and significant change is forecasted to occur in the coming years across a number of key areas, including:

  • Automation and Jobs: The adoption of new technology is already impacting many of the activities that we undertake and the jobs that we create. All routine jobs, whether manual or cognitive, will be affected in some shape or form.

  • Technology and Talent: Business models are being disrupted by technology and resulting in dramatically different cycles of change within companies and industries, all of which is making it more challenging for organisations to attract, retain and train talent.

  • The Emergence of Millennials: The increasing prominence of the millennial generation is being facilitated and accompanied by the adoption of new technology, as 20-somethings demand the freedom to work anywhere, anytime, and seek unique and inspiring workplaces

  • The Transformation of the Workplace: Technology is impacting the way we all work, not only millennials, and forcing a real shift towards greater collaboration, a more holistic employee experience and true wellness in the workplace environment.

  • This CBRE Special Report, based on discussions at The CBRE Institute’s recent Asia Pacific symposium, and drawing on CBRE’s previous research findings, explains how these trends will present unique challenges and opportunities for corporate real estate organisations in the coming years. Companies must take steps now to adapt to a future that will see a real convergence between the physical and digital worlds.


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